Mental health is a broad term that can refer to a person’s overall wellbeing. This can be affected by a range of factors, including a person’s sense of belonging, their relationships, their physical health, their mental health, and their health in general.

Mental health is one of the biggest issues in the community today. Not only is it affecting the people who are suffering, but it is affecting the people around the sufferer. Many people who suffer from mental health disorders are unable to leave their homes or even go out to get groceries for fear that they will be harassed. This can result in their lack of food causing severe health problems.

We understand more than ever that mental illness is a biological condition that affects the brains and senses of people. As a society, we also understand that these disorders don’t just happen and that they can be treated. Mental health is something we’re all responsible for, and we all have a role to play in helping to improve it.